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A Standardized Extract of Cultured Lentinula edodes Mycelia

AHCC® is a functional ingredient that modulates the body’s immune system.

Mycelia from Lentinula edodes are cultured with our proprietary manufacturing method, and our unique technology allows us to bring the culture into form as AHCC®.

Since the invention of AHCC® in 1987, it has been used at hundreds of hospitals and institutions worldwide, and is the subject of several fields of research, from basic studies to research into clinical use.

What Functions Does AHCC® Possess?

Since AHCC® is an immune modulator, it is mainly used by people experiencing lowered immunity, for example; people undergoing conventional cancer therapy. However, it is also commonly used by healthy individuals in order to maintain their health. 

What is AHCC® Composed Of?

AHCC® is a mixture of nutrients extracted from a culture of Shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes) mycelia, with polysaccharides being the active component.

Where is AHCC® Made?

While products containing AHCC® are sold all around the world, the raw material used in their production is made nowhere else but our factory. In the breath-taking natural landscape of Hokkaido, AHCC® is produced to strict, computer-controlled standards.

The safety of AHCC®

AHCC® is produced from mushrooms, which have been eaten for many thousands of years and are regarded as safe. However, we still decided to fully scientifically investigate the safety of AHCC®, and it has cleared many safety trials. Furthermore, AHCC® is made to pharmaceutical-grade health and safety standards.

About AHCC®

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