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Highly-bioavailable Isoflavone from Fabaceae and Cultured Mushrooms

GCP® is a highly-bioavailable functional ingredient produced by processing fabaceae isoflavones with mushroom mycelia.
Isoflavones show an ability to support the functioning of female hormones, and research data suggests GCP® can help ease the symptoms of menopause onset, and prevent illness related to female hormones, such as osteoporosis.

What is GCP® Research Like? 

GCP® is an Ingredient Rich in Genistein, Combined with Mushroom Polysaccharides, and Research Suggests It Has a Myriad of Functions and Applications. 

How is GCP® Made?

GCP® is produced from extracted soybean that has been combined with mushroom mycelia and cultured.

The Birth of GCP®

A newly-employed researcher began looking into soybean isoflavones, and subsequently genistein. Using our in-house culturing and fermentation capabilities, he developed GCP®, the first aglycone genistein functional ingredient.

GCP® Safety

The raw materials used in the production of GCP® are mushroom mycelia and soybean extract, both of which have been eaten safely for centuries. GCP® has also been through rigorous safety testing, and its safety is confirmed.

About GCP®

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