Amino Up Chemical 株式会社アミノアップ化学

Research & Development Division

Our R&D division conducts cutting-edge research to investigate new bioactive substances, to determine the structures of active constituents, and to understand the mechanisms of action of these agents.

Biology & Chemistry Group

In the laboratory, research for new substances, extraction experiments, and bioassays are carried out. These experiments lead to discoveries of new effective substances. Allowing individuals to pursue their own creative ideas helps inspire them to become innovative.
Our staff comprises researchers from a wide range of fields, including medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, agricultural chemistry, microbiology, and environmental science. These researchers undertake component analyses and functionality evaluations.

Scientific Affairs and Development Group

To further verify the safety and efficacy of materials that are newly produced in our laboratory and to convert them into products, we promote collaborative research and clinical studies with universities and research institutes. We also examine the formulation of product to be manufactured with new substances based on the properties and marketability of the substances.
We also undertake general scientific affairs involving the management of intellectual property as well as product development.