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Super Amino Up

The Super Amino-Up is a phytohormone "Cytokinin" activator that is extracted from natural products (basidiomycete: mushroom). The principal ingredient of the Super Amino-Up "Cytokinin" activates the generation and development of each organ that affects the growth of the plant.

It has become apparent that it promotes healthy natural growth in plants, improves the content composition of crops (sugar, vitamin, amino acid) and works to decrease the nitrate nitrogen content. It has attracted attention as a material that can deal with the various changes in the environment of present day crop cultivation.

Moreover, it contains the asidiomycete-derived oligosaccharide element and is expected to improve the resistance to pests as an elicitor (biophylactic element of plants).

  • Cytokinin, which is the growth regulating substance of the plants, is the principal ingredient of Super Amino-Up.
  • The action of the growth promoting hormone cytokinin and the amino acid which is nourishment for the plant has a synergistic effect.
  • It promotes mitogenesis, nutrient absorption, survival after plantation, rhizogenesis and protein synthesis and also demonstrates a facilitatory effect on the growth of rice seedlings.


The Super Amino-Up is different from pesticides and fertilizers, wherein it has cytokinin, which is a fungal body extract phytohormone, as its principal ingredient. This Super Amino-Up has a combination of hormone action that promotes plant growth and the amino acid which is a nutrient element of plants, leading to their synergistic effect:

  • Accelerates cell division.
  • Accelerates rhizogenesis.
  • Prevents the aging of the leaf.

Besides this, sugar and starch are made by the photosynthesis activity. Super Amino-Up many beneficial effects match the characteristics of the crops, for instance, it promotes the bud formation and auxiliary bud growth, etc. and is a physiologically active substance of pollution-free new materials which aim at improving the quality of agricultural products that do not have healthy growth, thus increasing the income.

Action of Super Amino-Up

The usage of the Amino-Up differs according to the soil condition and crops and its basis is :

  • In case of vegetative growth type leafy vegetables, it fights in the first half of growth with a central focus on basal fertilizer.
  • It is used in rice plant, onion, Chinese cabbage etc that have advanced from vegetative growth to the second stage of reproduction growth by dividing into various stages such as root formation, leaf formation and advancement to fruit bearing etc.
  • It is used in tomatoes and strawberries etc. that have simultaneous vegetative growth and reproductive growth so that the leaves growing near the fruit can be larger.

If it is added excessively it may give rise to a dwarfing effect. Please do the series of activities according to the directions.

In recent years, there has been an ever-growing increase in demands of general consumers with regards to the functionality and nutritional value of agricultural products.
However, many of vegetables that are available in the market nowadays are being pointed out for having decreased nutritional value as compared to the vegetables in the past.

For instance, the vitamin C content in 100g of broccoli has decreased from 160mg in 1982 to 83mg in 1993. A similar tendency is seen for other nutritional elements such as calcium and iron etc. and is not just limited to vitamin C.
The cause of this being the excessive use of fertilizer etc. throughout the cropping season is based on pursing a variety which has an all together good appearance and a good quality.

Super Amino-UP brings forth the innate characteristics of crops such as germination, promotion of rhizogenesis and photosynthesis by the action of the principal ingredient i.e. cytokinin (phytohormone) and increases the yield and also achieves the improvement in functional elements and nutritional value.

Examples of crop testing

  • Paddy rice ・・・ Development of seedlings. Promotes root taking.
  • Roots and tubers ・・・ Improvement in starch value and vitamin C. Improvement in production rate
  • Fruit trees ・・・ Enlarged fruits. Promotion of floral differentiation. Increase in sugar.
  • Green tea ・・・ Increase in number and weight of buds. Increase in amino acid.
  • Tomato, eggplant, cucumber・・・ Growth of seedlings. Promotion of enlargement of fruits. Increase in vitamins.
  • Chinese cabbage, lettuce and spinach ・・・ Promotion of growth and development. Increase in yield. Reduction in nitrate.
  • Floriculture ・・・ Promotion of flowering. Increase in number of buds. Recovery of tree vigor