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Perilla Extract

Perilla extract is a natural anti-allergic substance using green perilla leaves having less pesticides as a raw material that is organically grown by the contract farmers in Hokkaido.


Perilla Extract

Perilla is being used as a Chinese medicine and folk medicine since a long time. It was known to have an anti-bacterial action and alleviate the symptoms of asthma.

Amino Up Chemical Co. Ltd., had directed its attention to the anti-allergic effects of perilla leaves and developed this product jointly with Teikyo University, Department of Pharmacy. Perilla extract acts to regularize the excessive balance of the immune system.

Perilla extract controls the production of the substance called TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) and adjusts the immune system. It works towards relieving inflammation and allergies such as atopy. Though TNF is an indispensable substance for the living body, its continuous and excessive production causes various disorders such as tissue disorders and inflammations. Perilla extract suppresses the excessive TNF and restores it to the normal condition. Moreover, there are no side effects even if used regularly.

Manufacturing process

Extract with a high anti-allergic effect can be obtained through the process of drying (dehydration) → crushing → extraction from the green perilla organically grown with less pesticides by contract farmers in Hokkaido. We offer you an almost scentless Perilla extract by removing peril aldehydes that are the peculiar smell constituents of perilla.


Rosmarinic acid and flavonoid glycoside such as luteolin and apigenin are contained in Perilla extract as active constituents with anti-allergic behavior.

Moreover, peril aldehyde and perilla ketone causing cutaneous sensitization are removed. Moreover, residual pesticides are not detected in the leaves of raw material and products.

Besides the flavonoid glycosides such as luteolin and apigenin that are contained in Perilla extract as active constituents with anti-allergic behavior, presence of rosmarinic acid is also confirmed. Peril aldehyde and perilla ketone that are the peculiar smell constituents of Perilla causing cutaneous sensitization, are not included in the Perilla extract of our company.


Perilla as a plant uses green perilla cultivated with less pesticides as a raw material and it is high safety food product based on its food experience.

The safety of Perilla extract is confirmed by Mouse Acute Toxicity Test and 30 days Mouse Repeated Administration Toxicity Test.

Since long, perilla leaves have been used for food, and the safety is confirmed by this long food experience. Toxicity is not admitted in the Perilla extract in the Safety Test. Since the Perilla extract of our company is cultivated with less pesticides, particularly, since pesticides are not used immediately before harvesting, pesticide residues are not observed on the perilla leaves at the time of harvesting.

In addition, quality control such as inspection of residual pesticides at the time of raw material arrival is performed thoroughly and residual pesticides and heavy metals are not at all detected in the Perilla extract.

Even in the clinical tests, Perilla extract is used as a supplementary treatment in certain medical organizations, all over Japan.
It is reported that it is useful for inflammatory diseases and allergies such as atopic dermatitis and pollenosis, alleviation of inflammatory symptoms of the skin, and suppression of itching etc.

Beneficial effects

In cases of excessive reaction of immunity (allergies and inflammations), Perilla extract controls TNF-α, known as the causative agent.

Moreover, effectiveness against various allergic models (I type and IV type) is confirmed. Besides, inhibitory actions against itching and curative properties against clinical atopic dermatitis are confirmed.

The results of basic experiments confirm that Perilla extract is effective for all types of allergies.

It is understood that the Perilla extract not only suppresses the production of TNF but also suppresses the excessive production of histamine isolation and IgE antibodies. It is also understood that the Perilla extract is effective against itching and asthma.