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Oligonol is the world's first "Low molecule polyphenol" where the polymer of polyphenol which is considered to have a low absorption in the living body is converted into the oligomer which has a high living body absorption and high revitalization.

Oligonol has an extremely good absorption and wider anti-oxidation and anti-aging action than general polyphenol extracts.

Mainly, there are actions that are an operation such as

  • Blood flow improvement effect such as sensitivity to cold, stiff neck etc.
  • Tiredness recovery and improvement effect
  • Beautifying and whitening effects for wrinkles, blemishes and freckles
  • Improvement effect on metabolic syndrome
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What is Oligonol

Oligonol is an abbreviated name derived from "Oligomer Polyphenol". Oligomer generally refers to a polymer with a comparatively low molecular weight (monomer, dimer and trimer) and Oligonol is a low molecular functional material where the polyphenol polymer extracted from Lychee fruits can be more easily absorbed in the body.

Polyphenol is abundantly contained in various plants and is known to have antioxidative effects. However, as it matures, the degree of polymerization increases and since it is converted into a polymer, it is considered that the absorption in living bodies is poor when it is consumed orally.

On the other hand, Oligonol is the world's first low molecular polyphenol that can be industrially produced, it is excellent in the absorption in the living body and is expected to have a high anti-oxidation and revitalization effect.

Oligonol is more promptly absorbed as compared to the earlier high molecular weight polyphenols..

Moreover, it is understood that a high density of polyphenol can be maintained in the blood by continuous consumption.

Manufacturing method

Detailed checks of production management, pesticides etc. of the producers and the primary processing factories etc. are carried out for the traceability between these. Later, the extraction and purification of low molecular lychee polyphenol is performed at the factory of Amino Up Chemical Co. Ltd. Low molecular technology of this polyphenol is a technology developed by Amino Up Chemical Co. Ltd., in collaboration with Nagasaki University and Amino Up Chemical Co. Ltd., has already applied for the patent. (Joint application with Nagasaki University, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences).


It is said that the content of monomer, dimer and trimer in general polyphenol extract is generally less than 10%. Oligonol increases the content of the monomer, dimer and trimer in the living bodies up to 40% by means of the world's 1st technology where the polyphenol polymer is converted in to the low molecular monomer and oligomer.

Oligonol abundantly contains the oligomer of proanthocyanidin and the content of monomer and the oligomer (dimer, trimer) rises by 2-8 times as compared to existing polyphenol products.

Oligomer which is contained as only several % in the polyphenol extracted from plants increases significantly when it is converted to low molecular weight. As a result, Oligonol demonstrates an extensive "Anti-aging power".


Lychee fruit is a raw material in Oligonol and it is a food product with high safety proven from its food experience.

Safety has been confirmed by the Safety Test (Phase I) conducted in healthy subjects, 3 month Exploratory Clinical Test, 90-day Repeated Oral Administration Toxicity Test, Reverse Mutation Test (Ames examination) and Micronucleus Test conducted in rats and Single Oral Administration Toxicity Test conducted in rats .in accordance with the GLP standard for Oligonol.

Moreover, it is certified as NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) since 2007 and has attained self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status in 2009 that support its safety as a food product.

  • 90-day Repeated Oral Single Administration Toxicity Test
  • Reverse Mutation Test
  • 3 month Repeated Administration Toxicity Test
  • Monitoring Tests on Healthy Volunteers

Beneficial effects

The polyphenol concentration in the blood after consuming Oligonol has been confirmed to be nearly 4 times as compared to polyphenol of conventional polymers.

Effects of prevention and improvement of metabolic syndrome, blood flow improvement, anti-tiredness and skin improvement, etc. have been examined and confirmed by the anti-oxidative effect in the living body. Moreover, a variety of anti-aging actions are demonstrated by the anti-oxidative effect.