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GCP (Genistein Combined Polysaccharide) is a new natural anti-tumor material containing a lot of basidiomycete polysaccharide bodies and genistein derived from leguminous plants.

GCP has:

  • Angiogenesis inhibitory action
  • Apoptosis induction action
  • Immunostimulative action
  • Tumor cell damaging action

Owing to the various mechanisms mentioned above, 'demonstration of anti-tumor effect' is clear from the result of the basic experiments.


What is GCP

GCP (Genistein Combined Polysaccharide) is a functional food containing a lot of isoflavone aglycon (genistein) derived from soy and polysaccharides of basidiomycete culture.

In case of GCP, suppression of tumor cell growth, anti-tumor effect in cancer bearing mouse, apoptosis induction in cancer cells, tumor angiogenesis inhibitory action, immunological enhancement action, preventive action of carcinogenesis by chemical substances, etc. are reported.

The clinical test for human prostate cancer is conducted in the United States. Moreover, it is known that isoflavone has an effect on female hormones, and GCP is also expected to be applicable in sex hormone related diseases.

GCP contains polysaccharides derived from basidiomycete and has immunostimulative action.

It is understood that when GCP is consumed, IFN-γ concentration in the blood serum increases depending upon the capacity of GCP.

Manufacturing method

The manufacturing factory has obtained the HACCP-9000 certification, which is a combination of International standard ISO9001 for quality assurance and International standard HACCP for hygiene management of food products and safety and health/ QC (quality control) have been enhanced. When basidiomycete, which belongs to the mushroom family is cultivated, it produces various materials useful for our body. One such element is β-glycosidase that converts isoflavone glycoside (genistein) in the soybean extract to the aglycon (genistein) form with high absorbability and functionality.


Genistein, which is a characteristic element of GCP, is a kind of soybean isoflavone, and it is understood that it possesses higher absorbability than normal soybean isoflavone.

When GCP is consumed by human beings, the concentration of genistein in the blood increases faster than when normal soybean isoflavone is consumed and it is understood that when at the peak, it may even be as high as 5 times.

A hundred grams of GCP contains isoflavone quantity that can form 3kg of soybean and a major part gets converted to aglycon that is easy to absorb and high in revitalization due to fermentation with basidiomycete. A hundred grams of GCP contains 9g of genistein (aglycon).


In Asian countries and especially in Japan, isoflavone is consumed daily as an element of soybean and soybean products. It can be said that isoflavone is very safe since it is being consumed for a long time and in large quantities.

Moreover, in case of basidiomycete, shiitake mushrooms and bracket fungus are used for food and medicinal use. Even epidemiologically, it is considered that there is no problem with regards to the safety.

Safety of GCP has been confirmed by the 'Single Oral Administration Toxicity Test' and '1 month Repetitive Oral Administration Test' in mice and Safety Test (Phase I) in healthy human subjects and it can be said that it is edible.

Isoflavone is consumed daily as an element of soybean and soybean products, and basidiomycete is consumed daily as food products and folk medicine in the form of shiitake mushroom or bracket fungus. Thus, from this long food experience, it can be said that GCP is high on safety, and it is considered that there is no problem with regards to its safety.

GCP was consumed for 1 month as a monitoring examination intended for healthy human beings, and blood and urine were collected. No anomalies whatsoever were admitted in the serum biochemical check, hematological check and urine test.

Beneficial effects

Owing to the various mechanisms like angiogenesis inhibitory action, apoptosis induction action, immunostimulative action and tumor cell damaging action, 'demonstration of anti-tumor effect' is clear from the results of the basic experiments.

Inhibition of tumor angiogenesis is drawing attention as a new method for cancer treatment with no side effects. GCP starves out the cancer by repressing tumor angiogenesis and proliferation of cancer can be suppressed.

Moreover, the effect of GCP is stronger than that of Genistein, and it was suggested that besides Genistein, GCP should also contain materials with angiogenesis inhibition.

Apoptosis is the programmed death of the cell and is comparable to the self-destruction of the cell.

It is a naturally built-in function in the living body to remove the unnecessary cells, anomalous cells, and problematic cells, etc. GCP has the power to make cancer cells to face apotosis.