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AHCCActive Hexose Correlated Compound


AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) is the mycelia culture extract obtained by culturing basidiomycete mycelia in large-scale tanks for an extended period of time.


What is AHCC

AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) is the extract obtained by culturing mycelia of basidiomycete (mushrooms) in large-scale tanks for a long time. Though it was difficult to culture basidiomycete mycelia (mushrooms) for longer period of time up to now, it was achieved by performing this process on AHCC under culture conditions in aseptically maintained facilities.

AHCC in the form of BRM: Biological Response Modifiers, boosts and strengthens the patients' power to cure cancer and leads to reduction or removal of cancer seat by regulating the working of the entire body, starting from the immune system of the patient.

Cancer originates from the reduced immunity power of the patient and as a result, various cells are changed to cancerous cells. In other words, it can be said that cancer is a disease of the immune system. In cancer treatment, it is necessary to cure the abnormalities developed in the immune system from the root.

AHCC restores the patient from the abnormalities of the immune system and decreased immunity power by stimulating the immunity system. AHCC attacks the cancerous cells by activating the immune (system) cells and regenerating the decreased immunity.

Although chemotherapy is considered as a powerful treatment, it has various side effects, viz., the patients have to suffer from nausea, vomiting, depilation, decrease in appetite, disturbed liver functioning and decrease in white blood corpuscles and red blood corpuscles.

AHCC controls these side effects of chemotherapy and not only facilitates the effective use of chemotherapy but also improves patients' general condition and quality of life (QOL). It is considered to be very helpful to the patients in executing the treatment smoothly.


The manufacturing plant has obtained HACCP-9000 certification, which is a combination of ISO9001 international standards for quality assurance and HACCP international standards for food hygiene and aims at enhancement of food hygiene and quality comtrol.

Generally, since health foods derived from basidiomycete (mushrooms) contain natural ingredients, the contents may differ according to the products.

At the same time, since thorough management is carried out at the time of production of AHCC, quality of AHCC is maintained and this is said to be the one of the differences as compared to other health products. Moreover, AHCC is produced only at the Amino Up Chemical Co. Ltd., factory all over the world.


Generally, although β-glucan is the main component of mushroom products, elements that are not seen elsewhere are obtained in AHCC with the unique production method.

Main component of AHCC is acetylated α-glucan.

Acetylated α-glucan is of a comparatively lower molecular weight (mean molecular weight of about 5000) and since the molecular weight of β- glucan is from ten thousand to half a million, α- glucan is easier to absorb than β- glucan. Besides this, various elements obtained from the cultivation and fermentation reaction of basidiomycete are included in AHCC.

In case of AHCC, basidiomycete mycelia (※) are cultivated for a longer period of time and contain the peculiar elements of AHCC produced by the reacting the enzymes produced from basidiomycete with various elements.

Existence of several new elements other than partially acetylated α-glucan is confirmed in AHCC.


Basidiomycete mycelia was consumed regularly since long. It is the raw material used in AHCC and its safety can be ascertained from this food experience.

Single Oral Administration Toxicity Test, Single Intraperitoneal Administration Toxicity Test, 4 months Repeated Administration Toxicity Test, Mutagenicity Test conducted in rats and Safety Tests conducted in normal healthy human beings (Phase I) confirm that AHCC is non-toxic and its safety as a food product is verified.

Moreover, since its introduction in the market in 1989, no serious side effects have been reported by the consumers.

It can be considered that there is no cause for concern related to the safety of AHCC since there are records that basidiomycete used in the production of AHCC is used in food preparation.

Safety of AHCC is tested minutely with the help of various safety tests and it has been confirmed that AHCC is a safe product.

Till now, several hundred thousand people have used AHCC products for more than 15 years and there have been no reports related to its toxicity or side effects.

Beneficial effects

Immunity activating action, anti-cancer action, side effect reduction action against cancer chemotherapy, defense against infection, anti-diabetic action of AHCC have been reported.

In Japan, AHCC is used as food product and it has received the approval of FDA (National administrative body) for the use as a functional food in China, Thailand, and South Korea.

South Korea (KFDA) has approved the result that "it helps in improving biophylaxis capacity but verification by way of human trial is necessary".

Moreover, AHCC not only provides survival benefits to non-operable cancer patients or chronic progressive cancer patients but also helps patients to continue with the various body functions even if the patient is not showing any medical improvement. AHCC helps patients to live a steady life psychologically and socially. In other words, the important role of the treatment is to maintain the state of the patient where he/she can live a QOL (Quality of Life).

Within 2 weeks after starting the consumption of AHCC, patients experience QOL improvements i.e improvement in appetite, normalization of sleep, decrease in depilation and blackening of hair. It can be said that AHCC has the "Healing power" to cope with the "Sickness of the whole body."

AHCC shows the following experimental results.

  • Immunostimulative action
  • Anti-cancer action
  • Side effect reduction action against cancer chemotherapy
  • defense against infection
  • Anti-diabetic action

Besides these, various AHCC effects are reported in diseases other than Cancer like

  • Liver disease
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammation
  • High blood pressure
  • Hyperlipidaemia
  • Internal secretion adjustment action