Amino Up Chemical 株式会社アミノアップ化学

Manufacturing Division

Manufacturing Division

Amino Up Chemical has a production area comprising mainly the AHCC building, the Oligonol building, and the Extraction building. All of these buildings are provided with state-of-the-art equipments that comply with ISO9001, ISO22000, and GMP for dietary supplements, and products with consistent quality are produced.

For example, at the AHCC building we have used our unique expertise to establish a system for culturing in large tanks, which was considered difficult to achieve, and to extract and purify natural bioactive substances. We keep our factory extremely clean by ensuring that our equipments are highly airtight and sterile. We have also adopted a system for online monitoring of tank cultures. We are thus able to undertake long-term culturing for several months even for sensitive fungi such as basidiomycetes.


Main Ecological features of the Amino Up Chemical Factory

Recovery, Circulation, and Reuse of Exhaust Heat

  • We collect exhaust heat and discharged hot water from the factory and reuse them for heating water and air conditioning.

Use of Natural Energy

  • We have installed skylights in warehouses and corridors to let in sunlight to conserve energy.
  • We use groundwater for cooling of manufacturing equipments and for air conditioning.

Saving Energy

  • A stain resistant walls and ceilings in the plant save water and manpower to maintain the cleanliness.
  • We have incorporated energy-saving, eco-friendly, long-life lighting and spot cooling system, which blow air only at work area in operation.