Amino Up Chemical 株式会社アミノアップ化学

Staff Introduction

About 18 staff members work in the R&D Division (Research Laboratory and Scientific Affairs and Development Group) and in the Quality Assurance Division.

  • R&D Division

    Hiroshi Nishioka
    (Doctor of Agriculture)

    As an R&D oriented company, we explore new and useful materials from nature and develop new functional foods. Furthermore, to base our product development on a scientific evidence, we evaluate the safety and functionality of our products through non-clinical and clinical studies.

  • Research Laboratory

    Xiao-Hong Zhang
    (Doctor of Medical Science)

    We investigate new compounds and study their biological activities and pharmacological effects. We also conduct further research on the functionality of existing products.

  • Research Laboratory

    Tomoko Ono

    We mainly extract, isolate, and analyze plant constituents to determine which ones are active. We also examine the type of product prototyping and manufacturing processes to be used.

  • Scientific Affairs and Development Group

    Koji Wakame
    (Doctor of Medical Science)

    I am working to apply my experience studying at the University of Texas Health Science Center (Houston, TX, USA) to a wide range of science and research activities.

  • Scientific Affairs and Development Group

    Takehito Miura
    (Doctor of Agriculture)

    We collect data from basic and clinical studies (mainly from domestic and overseas joint research in product development). We also undertake academic activities at exhibitions and lecture meetings. We always take on new challenges while trying to keep an open mind.

  • Scientific Affairs and Development Group

    Kentaro Kitadate

    We focus on the clinical applications of functional materials. Our main efforts involve conducting clinical studies to support data obtained from basic research and linking them to product development. We are also working to apply our expertise to scientific affairs and development operations.

  • Quality Assurance Division

    Masayoshi Suzuki
    (Masters Degree in Pharmacy)

    We obtained certificates for ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005, and GMP for dietary supplements. We are working to build a company-wide quality assurance system to provide safe and reliable products. We will continue to perfect this system in the future.