Amino Up Chemical 株式会社アミノアップ化学


Research & Development (R&D) Division

Our R&D Division conducts worldwide, cutting-edge research to investigate for novel bioactive substances to determine the structures of active constituents and to understand the mechanisms of action of these agents.
Our staff comprises researchers from a wide range of fields, including medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, agricultural chemistry, microbiology, and environmental science. These researchers conduct studies in collaboration with many universities, research laboratories, and medical institutions both at home and abroad.


Manufacturing Division

Using our unique expertise, we have established a process for long-term, large-tank culturing, which has been considered difficult to achieve by then. We keep our factory extremely clean by ensuring that our equipment is highly airtight and sterile. We have also adopted a system for online monitoring of tank cultures. Therefore, we are able to undertake long-term culturing for several months even for sensitive fungi such as basidiomycetes.
Stable quality products are produced with the help of the latest technology and pharmaceutical-industry level equipment.


Quality Assurance Division

Product safety and stability are guaranteed by strict inspections conducted independently by our Quality Assurance Division.
the Quality Assurance Division is responsible for checking every step of manufacturing process from receiving raw materials to shipping.
We obtained certificates for ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005, and good manufacturing practice (GMP) for dietary supplements.
Based on these quality management systems, Amino Up Chemical makes it our quality policy to supply safer and more reliable products than ever. We will continue to guarantee our safety management and quality assurance systems for our products.


Sales Division

We determine the forms of products to be manufactured with novel substances based on their properties and marketability. We work with our distributors and vendors as business partners and supply raw materials for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products.