Amino Up Chemical 株式会社アミノアップ化学

Company Outline


Trade name Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd.
Head office 363-32 Shin-ei, Kiyota-Ku, Sapporo, 004-0839 Japan
TEL: +81-11-889-2277 / FAX: +81-11-889-2288 MAP
Establishment 1977
Capital 369 million yen
Chairman Kosuna Ken-ichi
President Hajime Fujii
Employees 58
Facilities Headquarters, factory, laboratory, experiment farm, and botanical


Kosuna and Fujii
Ken-ichi Kosuna,Chairman / Hajime Fujii, President


1977 The Institute of Hokkaido Fodder is founded
1981 Development of plant growth regulator "Amino Up"
1984 Establishment of Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd.
1989 Development and sale of mushroom polysaccharides processed food "AHCC"
1991 Development and sale of antiallergic agent "Perilla extract"
1996 Relocation to the newly-built building, laboratory and factory at Sapporo High-Tech Hill Shin-ei.
1998 Development and sale of antioxidant "PMP" derived from buckwheat
2000 Development and sale of genistein high-content soybean extract "GCP"
2002 ISO9002, HACCP-9000 certification and acquisition
2003 ISO9001 certification and acquisition
2005 The grant program for complementary and alternative medicine at Osaka university graduateschool of medicine is established.
Distinguished lecture series grant program is established at the department of nutrition in UC Davis.
2006 Development and sale of low molecdtar weight polyphenol "Oligonol" derived from lychee
2007 GMP certification and acquisition
2009 Oligonol obtains Self-affirmed GRAS status
2011 Completion of the new AHCC plant and the Eco-House building