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ETASAsparagus extract

ETAS: Asparagus extract


Amino Up Chemical has developed the unique extraction process of asparagus, and discovered that the extract induces HSP70 mRNA expression in the body. Hydroxymethyl furfural derivatives have been identified as novel compounds to induce HSP70 expression (PATPEND).

Published Papers

New Discovery from Asparagus

Amino Up Chemical has screened hundreds of agricultural products of Hokkaido, to find a functional food that can induce Heat Shock Protein (HSP). We have developed the unique extraction process of asparagus, and the extract has shown a strong inducing effect of HSP. The extract is named ETAS?, the acronym for Enzyme-Treated Asparagus extract.


Active Component

We have also discovered that unique hydroxymethyl furfural* derivatives are generated in the extraction process.
A patent is filed as this newly-discovered compounds are active components for the HSP-inducing effect.


*Hydromethyl furfural:
Derived from sugar, and a drug candidate for sickle-cell disease.
The derivatives are not contained in raw asparagus extract.

Efficient Use of Natural Resource

The bottom of asparagus stem, which had been usually discarded, is used as a raw material of ETAS?. This would be an efficient use of an agricultural product of Hokkaido.


ETAS? can be applied to various kinds of products because it is heat-resistant and readily water-soluble.

・Mental (relaxation, sleep improvement)
・Beauty from inside